The Deets

I was approached by Lincoln Center to develop a website according to designs their team produced. The project proved to be enjoyable, yet challenging - all the good ones are.

Early on, I entered into dialog with the web designer to talk about necessary UX and UI decisions that weren’t fleshed out in the original designs. Together, we came up with solutions that met their goals within the given timeframe.

Some of the technologies that the site harnesses are HTML5, History/State, CSS3 SVG animations, & mapbox integrations, some of which ultimately got cut by the client.

HTML5 History

I originally added HTML5 History/State to deal with DOM rendering, image loading & to improve the overall user experience. The client was unfamiliar with the technique and unsure as to whether or not they wanted it. After having some conversations with them I devised a solution that gave their in-house devs the ability to change a couple of variables to disable it, according to the client’s preferences. Below you can view examples of HTML5 History/State at work.


Responsiveness is a must for any site I develop and this site was no exception. The site was developed to be accessible on a wide range of devices including iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone & Android.