The Lowdown

I worked as a lead client facing designer for this awesome screen printing & creative agency. My roles included designing client work, promotional posters, branding materials & guidelines and t-shirts as well as exhibition branding.

Below is a mash up of work I produced for them and their clients.


Nik Wallenda

We were approached by legendary daredevil Nik Wallenda who was in need of new identity branding. This was a great project to work on and my work gained a lot of visibility, especially when Nik wore the logo in front of a viewership of 13 million while crossing the Grand Canyon on a tight rope in 2013.

I created a lot of options for Nik. Below are the two that made it to the final rounds.


Moving Through Time

This branding was created for an exhibition of the work of Brian Haverlock and Sabrina Small, two Sarasota artists who were moving to LA.

Exhibition Posters

Below are some samples of posters I created for various exhibitions.